Visage Consulting Services

Make up, skincare


We provide consulting services that enable our clients to improve their appearance and skin care.

Visagists have very close to cosmetics. Cosmetics is an activity directed towards the longest optimum appearance preservation and slow down skin aging based on the application of cosmetics and acts. Visagists then improve the overall appearance.

We offer:

  • Daytime make-up
  • Evening make-up
  • Ceremonial make-up
  • Bridal make-up
  • Changes

Besides Cosmetics Ingrid Millet we also use decorative cosmetics M.A.C

We provide color typology, which respects the principle of harmony of colors of the seasons. These principles help us to advise our clients so that there is a match between their personality, hair color, clothes and make-up.

Based on the analysis of the shape of the face, figure, hairstyle, expression, occupation, the client is advised to use a make-up, cosmetics, and appropriate hairstyle. Knowledge of corrections helps hide minor imperfections as the color of a skin or lips and also shape deviations or asymmetry of the face.

Color typology helps to design the appropriate make-up color scheme. Make-up model for all occasions from quick make-up that allows you to improve your appearance in a few moments, to make-up for special occasions, such as photography or festive events.