Hair extensions

Micro Rings, Keratin

Hair Extensions Micro Rings method


Hair Extensions Micro Rings method is very popular and friendly to your hair. Tendrils are terminated with keratin in the form of “I”. Micro Rings are small copper rings, which shall be allocated to the source of your strand about an inch from the hair roots.

How a strand with Micro Ring can be simply removed? Micro Ring is released using pliers.

Color Micro Rings is selected according to original hair color to minimized visible joints. Micro Rings method is also suitable for finer hair.


Keratin hair extension method


Hair Extensions by using Keratin is a very popular method because of its almost invisible joints. Hair strands are topped with keratin nails in shape of the “U”. These strands are then melted with melting pliers about an inch from the hair roots.

How a strand with keratin can be simply removed? On the connection a remover keratin is dropped and keratin is crushed by using pliers. Then, a new keratin is add to the source and hair are again suitable for extension.

Keratin method is not suitable for fine hair, they could sever.


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