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Beauty Services and Cosmetics by Ingrid Millet


We would like to introduce French luxury cosmetics from caviar and the best of what nature has to offer. Ingrid Millet – Cosmetics, which has several times received the highest beauty awards. Enjoy the luxury; let yourself be pampered by the best what sea and nature has to offer. Caviar as the most important component revitalizes, regenerates and also slows the aging process of your skin.

As the exclusive distributor of Ingrid Millet in the Czech Republic we offer the widest selection at the best prices! Come and meet the Cosmetics, which invented and first started to use and add caviar to cosmetic products. Come and let us treat, revive and brighten your skin – our trained beauticians will gladly help you with what is the most suitable and the best for you!



Hair styling, hair care


Come and learn the secrets of a perfect balance between fashion and style. Take control of timeless elegance with us and prove to be genuine and beautiful in every situation.

Salon Visage de Paris offers timeless style with L’Oréal Professionnel, come to us and enjoy a bit of Parisian elegance.

In our new modern furnished studio we work with the most advanced hairdressing equipment and exclusively with products of L’Oreal and Alterna. An individual approach to each client and the services of our professional hairdressers, is what we do.

Leave your hair in the hands of professionals. We offer new trendy designs and colors for women as well as for men’s hairstyles.


Hair extensions

Micro Rings, Keratin

Hair Extensions Micro Rings method


Hair Extensions Micro Rings method is very popular and friendly to your hair. Tendrils are terminated with keratin in the form of “I”. Micro Rings are small copper rings, which shall be allocated to the source of your strand about an inch from the hair roots.

How a strand with Micro Ring can be simply removed? Micro Ring is released using pliers.

Color Micro Rings is selected according to original hair color to minimized visible joints. Micro Rings method is also suitable for finer hair.



Manicure and Pedicure

Care of hands and feet



Treat yourself or your loved ones with pleasant relax and feel of amazing beautiful hands!

Pamper yourself so that your hands finally looked exactly the way you always wanted them. Take advantage of Visage de Paris and nail designer. Nail designs and quality are our priority.

We offer:

  • Classic manicure
  • French manicure
  • nail and nail extensions
  • gel nails
  • gel lac /shellac
  • p-shine
  • nail art
  • thermo gel
  • acryl nails
  • paraffin wraps with nourishing mask


Eyelash Extensions

Care of eyelashes and eyelash extensions


When using eyelash extensions, each one synthetic eyelash is glued on your own eyelash. This way made eyelash extensions look very naturally, but it also naturally behaves. Thus, eyelash extensions like this are resistant to water, sweat, tears and pool chlorine.

Why do we use technology of JB Cosmetics? JB Cosmetics Company improved its synthetic lashes of micropores, which optimizes the connection between self and synthetic lash. With a unique combination of lashes and high quality adhesives, JB Cosmetics guarantees connection that will last as long as a lash of your own. Lashes remain throughout beautifully black, strong and shiny.



Relaxation for your body


Come to us to relax, regain strength and energy or relax your muscles! There os a significant number of massages from around the world, which differ from each other in various ways, whether we start from the environment in which massage is performed through techniques of massage, equipment for massage or massage supplies, etc.

But one goal they have all in common and that is the complete release of the musculoskeletal system, eliminating fatigue and relaxing the body. Visit our Salon Visage de Paris, caress your soul and pamper your body.


Hair Removal and additional services

Hair Removal, additional services


Do you wish for beautifully smooth skin? To have silky smooth legs, hands or any other part of your body? Do you want a smooth, soft and perfectly healthy skin?

The solution is the the highest quality hair removal. In our Salon Visage de Paris we perform hair removal in a very careful manner and with maximum efficiency. Our beauty salon implements high-quality waxing, which is your way to silky smooth skin, beauty, confidence and mental harmony.

In addition to the classic hair removal waxing we also offer luxurious cream waxes Lycon.

LYCON the Creme de la Creme hot wax

LYCON was established in Australia and remains the market leader in wax hair removal since 1978. LYCON is proud to have been awarded the international ISO certification and won the award for the “Best Hair Removal Supplier…LYCON” in the UK in 2014. Lycon Wax is extremely popular with “A” list celebrities, amongst them Victoria Beckham, Sienna Miller and Minnie Driver.

Lycon´s unique Pre Waxing Oil is applied prior to stripless hot waxes with the unique Titanium Dioxide technology which prevents the wax sticking to the skin and protects the skin during waxing. LYCON removes hair as short as 1mm! LYCON hot waxes encompass the finest selection of natural and soothing ingredients that nurture the skin, leaving it feeling soft, smooth and completely hair-free. Used at an extra low temperature. LYCON hot waxes can be re-applied many times on just waxed skin, without discomfort or irritation. Excellent on the most sensitive skins anywhere.

The LYCON waxing system has been designed to be efective and virtually pain free for us, the clients!




Visage Consulting Services

Make up, skincare


We provide consulting services that enable our clients to improve their appearance and skin care.

Visagists have very close to cosmetics. Cosmetics is an activity directed towards the longest optimum appearance preservation and slow down skin aging based on the application of cosmetics and acts. Visagists then improve the overall appearance.

We offer:

  • Daytime make-up
  • Evening make-up
  • Ceremonial make-up
  • Bridal make-up
  • Changes

Besides Cosmetics Ingrid Millet we also use decorative cosmetics M.A.C