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Ingrid MilletIngrid MilletIngrid Millet founder of the cosmetics brand Ingrid Millet was a native German from Hanover and was called Inge Lazarus. She began her career at Nadia Payot, famous doctor and beautician, where she took a beauty course and got her first experience in a salon at the prestigious New York’s Fifth Avenue. Next years she spent in Vichy, where she pursue a medical cosmetics, sector that began to develop.

Madame Pompidou, wife of the former president, but also stars like Brigitte Bardot, Catherine Deneuve and Paloma Picasso became her regular customers. At that time the revolution was breaking out in the cosmetic industry. After a visit to the Iranian embassy, where champagne and caviar were served from the Caspian Sea, Ingrid thrilled with pleasant effects of these two ingredients, got the idea to try caviar effect on skin. She immediately started to work and while exploring caviar cells, the richest natural sources of energy, she found that cell of caviar has nearly the same composition as the skin cells. Regarding water, proteins, lipids, minerals and oligoelements, that are represented in the caviar cell in a much greater extent.

Proteins provide the production of collagen and elastin, which are responsible for the elasticity and firmness of the skin. Lipids are responsible for skin hydration and finally mineral salts and oligoelements are important for its high nutritional and restorative properties. It means that the skin cells begin to die and the skin loses its elasticity, freshness. It weakens and forms wrinkles, and there comes caviar cell that gives your skin exactly what it needs – perfect regeneration, the skin is taut, the wrinkles will disappear and the skin is young and fresh again.

And so the caviar from Beluga – the most succulent caviar, thanks to Ingrid Millet, got to the cosmetic industry and still represents the world of luxury and unmatched quality. Soon, the light of the world saw the famous Serum Bio-Marin, concentrate with high percentage of caviar (up to 42%), which is still the leader in its category. That´s also why prestigious women’s magazines began called Ingrid Millet by nickname ” the Queen of caviar.”


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From Paris to Prague

Ingrid Millet Paris - awardIngrid Millet Paris - awardIn 1974 she opened his new salon at the famous Parisian rue Faubourg Saint – Honoré. Today Ingrid Millet brand and its beauty salons conquer the whole world. You can find them in Portugal, Italy, Germany, Belgium and the distantTahiti, New York, Maimi or in Beverly Hills. Products of Ingrid Millet brand are sold in almost 50 countries and have their place exclusively in luxury beauty salons and hotel spa.

Products of Ingrid Millet wins each year „the beauty Oscars“. Last time it was a new series of Perle de Caviar, luxurious cream Absolu Caviar, that ,except rare caviar ,contains extracts from gold and diamond powder.

Exclusive representation of the brand in the Czech Republic won our Salon Visage de Paris. The face of the brand has become a famous actress and singer Yvetta Blanarovičová!