This month we have prepared an offer concerning your hair, because as the saying goes “hair is the crown of beauty”. Therefore, it is important to hair properly and regularly care. If you mention when ordering “THE SPECIAL AUGUST OFFER” as addition to your highlight or colored hair you get FREE HAIR CUT!!!
Another special offer is a sale on Loreal INOACOLOR CARE products:
Protective cream schampoo for INOA oxidant color colored hair  ….. 249 Kč
Protective care for INOA oxidant color colored hair                            ….. 319 Kč
Protective nourishing mask  INOA oxidant color colored hair         ….. 389 Kč
In case of purchasing any of two products INOACOLOR CARE you get 10% SALE!
In case of purchasing all three products INOACOLOR CARE you get 20% SALE!
We wish you wonderful rest of the summer and we are looking forward to your visit!

This month we have prepared a 50% discount on deep cleansing using ultrasound! This unique modern method is completely painless, gentle and very effective. Another advantage is that after the treatment you do not have irritated skin with red spots. Your skin will be immediately fresh, supple, smooth and radiant.

Ultrasound helps loosen clogged pores, lighten pigment spots, soften wrinkles and scars, remove milia, can rid your skin of acne, dead cells and any debris. Your skin, during this process is cleaned from the inside, so that cleaning is very deep and thorough.
After treatment with ultrasound skin will make your skin beautiful, radiant and nourished. If you are still hesitant, you can first come to get a skin diagnosis completely FREE!

Product of the month: Summer beach bag containing products brand L’Oreal Solar Sublime in a great travel kit for 648 CZK!